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“A golfer MUST have a steady and focused mind to see and execute the intended shot. NuCalm® does that for you.”

Roger Fredericks

Why I use NuCalm

I have coached the golf swings and trained the minds and bodies of thousands of golfers including 75 PGA touring professionals and 7 Hall of Famers. The main difference between high-level golfers and amateurs is their ability to have a ‘still’ mind, which enables them to swing freely, smoothly, and powerfully! Tour players have developed their mental strength by hitting millions of golf balls over a lifetime, where the visualization aspect becomes second nature. It was very hard and frustrating for an instructor to teach the average golfer how to keep their mind still and focused … until NuCalm came along!

By using NuCalm, golfers of all levels can experience what it’s like to remove the needless clutter out of their minds and automatically allows your subconscious mind and training to take over!

How I Use NuCalm

I have NuCalmed everyday for the past couple of years. It has dramatically improved my sleep and improved my energy and focus. I rely on NuCalm to perform at a consistently high level.


For my golf game, I hit balls while listening to the NuCalm neuroacoustic software. It is amazing how quickly my mind relaxes and I feel present in the moment, allowing my muscle memory and years of training to take over. NuCalm manages the crucial mental side of my golf game and has never let me down.

How It Works

NuCalm‘s patented, clinically-proven solution relaxes users without drugs, without delay, without fail. It’s stress relief for the way we live today – technology to help you disconnect. NuCalm is administered in seconds, takes effect in minutes. It’s benefits can last for hours, so you can own the day.
Step 1
Apply the NuCalm Biosignal Processing Disc.
Step 2
Choose your journey in the NuCalm mobile app.
Step 3
Cover your eyes, sit back, and enjoy your NuCalm.

The NuCalm Feeling

After your NuCalm journey, you can expect to feel calm, relaxed, focused, energized, present, and patient. Since NuCalm is priming your GABAergic system, you can also expect to sleep well the night following your NuCalm.

Sleep Recovery

Stress Relief


Immunity Building

Real Reviews, Real People, Real Results

NuCalm has been changing lives for over 10 years.
Lou Burgess
Business Owner
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“I used NuCalm three times a day... At first, I continued to take my sleeping medicine as I thought it was a crutch. But, after the third week, I decided I did not need the medicine any longer and stopped taking it. I am now using NuCalm only before bed. It makes me very relaxed, calm, and tired, and I sleep like a baby. It always puts me to sleep.”
Dr. Michael Galitzer
Dr. Michael Galitzer
Integrative Medicine Doctor
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Any technology that can balance the autonomic nervous system is fantastic, because doing so optimizes health. That is what we are all after, and that is what NuCalm does. I realized immediately that NuCalm had huge advantages in promoting sleep, reducing stress, and giving me an overall sense of well-being. I like to use NuCalm every day.
JD Potynsky
JD Potynsky
Green Beret
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The hallmark of elite performers is predictability. Certainty in action is mandatory. Focus and discipline are lifesaving. NuCalm elevates these capabilities. It heightens my awareness. Channels my concentration. And sharpens my reaction time. It’s an invaluable tool in a performance-on-demand lifestyle.

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