Trauma, Tragedy & Triumph

Joseph “Blake” DeLoach, who is 30 years old, was born is a small rural town in South Carolina, not far from the U.S. Marine training base at Parris Island. From the time he was a young boy, Blake remembers having a deep love for the military. As a child, he dressed up in Army fatigues […]

Meditation & Wisdom of the East

In recent years, Craig has also become an advocate of NuCalm because of how quickly, easy, and predictably it enables him to access a state of consciousness or awareness that typically takes a long and regular practice of meditation to achieve. To that end, Craig also wrote the Preface for the book A New Calm, which […]

Meeting Cancer With Grace, Gumption & NuCalm

The evidence has long been overwhelming that Hollywood is a world in which female producers, directors, writers, and actors face far more difficult challenges and hurdles than their male counterparts. Yet none of that has ever stopped Barbara Valentine from going after her dreams and achieving great success as an award-winning producer, reporter, on-camera host, […]

Improving Athletic Performance and Recovery

One of NuCalm’s former skeptics, Dr. David Walters, DO, PhD has become one of the biggest advocates for using NuCalm for better recovery, strength, sleep, and energy. In this case study, Dr. Walters explains how he proves NuCalm’s effectiveness for optimal sleep and recovery, and gains three extra waking hours each day, while he doubles […]

Achieving Physical, Mental & Emotional Recovery at RēCOVER NYC

The idea for RēCOVER originally occurred to Rick from his work with several professional athletes. “I saw what they have access to,” Rick says, “and I asked myself why everybody else doesn’t have access to it. Why do you have to play for the Knicks to have access to some of the cool things that […]

Deep Dive into HRV with Dr. Jay Wiles

Deep Dive into HRV with Dr. Jay Wiles Dr. Wiles is a clinical health psychologist with a passion for helping others reach their full potential from an integrative and holistic perspective. He completed his bachelor’s of science degree in psychology from North Greenville University and went on to complete a master’s in clinical counseling at […]

A Mind-Body Approach to Cancer with Dr. Janet Hranicky

A Mind-Body Approach to Cancer with Dr. Janet Hranicky Dr. Janet Hranicky is an internationally renowned expert on the connection between psychoneuroimmunology and cancer, has added the patented NuCalm technology to her arsenal to help patients better cope with, and even fight, cancer. Over the past 30 years, Dr. Hranicky, has taught thousands of cancer […]

Presenting NuCalm 3.0

Presenting NuCalm 3.0 Jim Poole, CEO of Solace Lifesciences, the makers of NuCalm, alongside key members of the NuCalm team, will present the evolution of the innovative and advanced neuroacoustic software, and discuss how the new tracks will be a game-changer for your stress management. We will also give you a sneak peek of the […]