Julie Burns - Functional Nutrition & Body Wellness

Julie is an integrative sports nutritionist, a licensed and registered dietitian, a board-certified clinical nutritionist, and an ADAPT-trained practitioner of the Kresser Institute. She is the founder of SportFuel, Inc., an integrative sports nutrition and wellness consulting firm. Julie has provided team nutrition services to the Chicago Blackhawks for over 30 years, and she also works individually with teams and athletes in the NFL, MLB, NBA, Tennis Canada, and other elite sports teams. Not all clients are athletes— she works with everyone from high-level executives to busy parents. She has seen firsthand that a one-size-fits-all approach is ineffective, and has developed a highly personalized program using functional nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to help her clients optimize their performance, recovery, and energy! In addition to her passion for continued learning in the nutrition world, Julie enjoys all activities that naturally strengthen her vagus nerve: golfing, gardening, cooking, yoga, meditation, NuCalm, walking her sweet dog, volunteering for charities and causes close to her heart, and watching and attending all sports with her husband and young adult triplets!