Ken Corigliano- Pushing the Limits of the Human Experience

“Pushing the limits of the human experience. Cherishing life’s fragility and reminding the world of our Universal purpose. Living a life of service to myself, my loves, nature’s ecosystem, American values, and consciousness.” – Ken Corigliano Considered by some to be a Digital Renaissance Man, a knower of philosophy, political science, ecology, ethnolinguistics, art, music, psychology, neuropsychology, brain plasticity, human performance optimization, and the cultivation of love at a molecular level. Ken is a multiple award winner and nominee from Athlete of the Year, Officer of The Year, Professional of the Year, NCAA 40 Year Top Athlete. He is an expert in very interesting subject matter – nuclear weapons policy, hypersonics, counter-terrorism, drones, orbital mechanics, quantum information sciences, political policy, socio-ethnic-linguistic studies, and nature studies (biomimetic).